Let the silence roar !!

Fly Free


Shiny prisms and glasses,
To look upon the masses,
From her high castle’s wall,
The princess could see it all,
She was beautiful yet afar,
Like a shiny little star,
While she was a kid,
She was told,
Nobody is yours,
behind those doors,
You are safest in our hands, they say,
Away from that filth that grew day by day,
Come dear, look at these beautiful roses,
How lovely they smell, just for you yes it is,
And she used to wander all day long,
Inside that closed garden where she certainly not belong,
But what kept her restless all the times,
Were not those roses, the chandeliers or the chimes,
Neither were the dolls, horses, or the ball,
It was a voice calling her from behind the wall,
Someone is waiting she knew, for sure, But don’t know how long she can endure,
The weight of the chains invisible to eye,
Bogging her down when she just want to fly,
One starry night, with a nice escape plan,
She dodged the guards, in spick and span,
First time ever, she was all alone,
In the strange land, which seemed so much known,
She entered into a jungle, dark and dull,
Just kept following the voice, into the null,
As the jungle ended, she find the source,
Of the lovely voice she was keenly looking for,
Over a high rock, there sat a man,
Playing a sweet melody, with a flute in his hands,
But something was different, now that she hear,
it was just a tune, and no more whisper, He suddenly stood up, awestruck with the view,
Of a lady so divine, so beautiful, to be true,
There was a magic in the air, and between the two,
While they stood there still, as the forest winds blew,
She was happy, and so was he,
Cz at that moment the birds were finally free 🙂

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She was lost,
She was still,
Crazy like hell,
And a winter chill,
People come,
And people go,
She was left,
With imprints to show,
Pain and hurt,
All she got,
In return of all love,
That she put,
She was an idiot,
an idiot child,
Who thought of fairies,
When the world was wild,
The rainbows were colorless,
Dark and gray,
No more butterflies,
Just beasts who prey ,
They hunt her down,
From her mother’s lap,
Pinched her and ripped her,
And she was lost with the map,
Of fairy land,
Her mother told,
With love and peace,
And no more cold,
Years passed,
With new marks over the old,
Her body was no more,
Perfect to be sold,
It was her fault,
For she was a “girl”,
Born in the land,
Where the demons whirl,
Her eyes had witnessed,
The evil so pure,
Who left her wounded,
For long time to cure,
Still she somehow,
Managed to survive,
Just in the hope,
That angels must be alive,
She was different,
Now that she knew,
Fairies were long gone,
Even the humans were a few,
Smoky nights,
With ashes around,
Rest and love,
Nowhere to be found,
All she got,
Was a story to tell,
With a land of humans,
Where devils dwell,
‘Mommy, why are you crying? ‘
Her daughter ask,
At the end of the fairytale,
Now that’s a difficult task,
Explaining the atrocities,
Her soul went through,
And to tell the little girl,
Now it’s going to be you,
She was a mother,
With her selfless love,
For her princess,
Who was soft like a dove,
No, she said to herself,
Not this time,
And she would protect her girl,
From the filthy slime,
Gathered her strength,
As now she was tough,
And fled with her baby girl,
But the road was rough,
Went to the peak,
Where the devils couldn’t reach,
But tired from the journey,
Atlast she breach,
Out from her body,
That was already dead,
But was clinging so far,
Just to put her girl in bed,
And finally,
She took a leap and flew,
With her beautiful wings,
That grew,
When she realised,
The fairytale was true,
With her fairy in the bed,
And the angel watching through.


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The girl who paints


Once upon a time there was a girl,

Who could fill the colors in the world with a swirl.

She loved painting.

She painted a canvas with blue, green, yellow and pink,

How is she so perfect, everyone would think,

The canvas was filled, the people were thrilled,

But in spite of those lovely hues,

There was something missing,and she knew,

She didn’t get it right, and then he came,

A boy with a paintbrush and a lot of fame,

He was so handsome, cute and sweet,

Any girl who saw him, would skip a beat,

So he was different from the other guys,

As he was looking for some beautiful #eyes,

But he was new and was filled with passion,

So he approached her, asking for a suggestion,

She was standing there, staring at her canvas,

And was getting more involved in her thoughts as the time pass,

He called her name, and she lose her pose,

She turned back, and look for the person who said Rose,

The moment he saw her, he knew she was the one,

As If he was the dark space and she was the sun,

He knew at once that now he had fallen,

For those beautiful eyes had his heart stolen,

And here comes the Eureka moment for her,

She found the hue she was looking for,

And as the story ends, the canvas was completed,

both of them standing there with their hearts painted.

They paint it, they paint it Red.

They paint it all, they paint it Love.


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Short Red


Hello hello is anybody in there
Came a voice startling me from nowhere
Took a turn to look around
Saw no one but a weird sound
Like a lullaby from the cottage
Now just a shed to fulfill grain shortage
Strange it was as no one was allowed
The moon was playing hide n seek with the clouds
Lifting the Lantern up pointing to the shed
I asked who is there and then it turned all red
I looked at my hand the one holding the lantern
It was hot red n sizzling like a chemical burn
Dropped the Lantern in amaze
Nothing to look for, nothing to chase
A sudden rush of wind came out of shed
And stood a spirit ghastly over my head

Run To The Beach!!!


Come down,

Sit with me,

Watch that sunset,

And the crazy glee,

So much to talk about,

So much to share,

Just stop for a moment,

And be right here,

Lots of hustle,

Lots of work to do,

I can understand,

But just asking for two,

Moments to spend,

Watching down the cliff,

The magnificent rays,

That can swipe you away with a biff,

Wonder what you have,

And what you gonna lose,

Just a span of time,

Is not like am playing a ruse,

Life is short,

Everyone would say,

Still spend much of it,

When they have to pay,

But the most beautiful things,

Always come down free,

Just need the time to notice,

Just need the eyes to see,

Crystal clear water,

With sunshine dancing,

Dolphins hoping and dipping,

Like a deer prancing,

Just put aside that luggage,

And that bag full of distress,

Run for the beach beside the cliff,

Play along and create a mess,

What!? Why so surprised?

Yes, that’s what I said,

Stop yourself from juggling your life,

And enjoy the nature’s lap,

Let the sand cover you,

Let the sea cleanse your soul,

Let those dolphins speak to you,

Let the sun take you to your goal,

You can do it,

Just have to know,

That stressing yourself up,

Can’t help in giving the perfect show,

Live freely, run across the shoreline,

Or you can sit with me here, the pleasure will be all mine,

Look up to the sky,

As the wavelengths change,

Like God is playing again with,

His red and blue shades,

Let yourself go,

There is so much to dwell,

And reach down to take,

What sea has to sell,

Oh look! , a bottle,

With a note inside,

Must have travelled,

So far and across so wide,

Hey, it got a message,

But not so clear to me,

Can you read it please,

I am excited to see,

Oh! , thanks a lot,

Just read it loud,

Let the dolphins too hear,

What it is about,

‘Thanks to you, the person reading me on,

It just feel so good, that you are letting the things go,

With their own pace,and nothing to worry about,

Pass this message,back to the sea, for others reaching out,

Happiness come along, as soon as you spare your time,

To read me aloud, and to read me so sublime,

Thanks again for listening me out,

When I look you passing by the beach and shout,

To enjoy some leisure, some moments of your life,

As when I saw you, I could see only the strife,

With yourself, but by the time you will reach the end,

I will be long gone, asking someone else to take out time from life to spend”



Coming with the ‘C’


Careful characters,
Continuously crossing,
Curious and cunning,
Cleansing the clots,
Claiming the class of clumsiness,
Chaotic creatures,
Crazy cum clueless,
Colliding cautiously,
Cup of coffee,
Crushed and cornered,
Colored capes and cozy cushions,
Crisp coatings and,
Crude cufflinks,
Compelling cuts,
Controlling conditions,
Catching up,
Circling around,
Changes canned up,
Carving the cities with,
Comets crying,
Conscious calling,
Craving the connections.




She was,
A perfect mess,
Hard to handle,
A game of chess,
Checkmated herself,
With her own emotions,
Collapsing down,
With her every devotion,
She craved for love,
She asked for joy,
And her angel came,
Dressed as a boy,
Holding her up,
In his embrace,
He let it out,
Her real grace,
Perfect mess,
She was still,
Clumsy but happy,
With him,her laughing pill.


The chosen one


Deep cuts,
Lots of buts,
Unspoken wandering,
Finger with the mark of the ring,
Sweet and sour,
Like a fruit of the hour ,
Blood leaking out,
Seed ready to sprout,
Pain and contractions,
Empathyless reactions,
Carving out the body,
Casting a spirit dark and shady,
Rose the one,
Quiet but not numb,
Bearing in his veins,
Blood shed leaving stains,
Whisperings reached,
King got the feed,
The army marched,
For the throne to be protected,
From the unacceptable,
Yet the rightful heir from the wretched,
Glories began to be inked,
To be sung after the battle,
Though it wasn’t over yet,
But the throne was predictably settle,
Crowned king hustle and then he roar ,
Threatened still by the newborn and the power he wore,
Numbness stroke,
The baby of the oak,
Thunder and lighting,
Prevailed what the baby bring,
Sudden hole in the sky,
And comes a dragon flying high,
Eyes ruby red,
And skin all golden clad,
The chosen one got the fire in his heart,
As the dragon was his soul’s part,
King got frightened from the shining death,
Still rose against with his ego and wrath,
Fireballs from the dragon’s mouth,
Burned in ashes the army of the south,
King began to tremble,dropped his sword,
Prayed for his life as remembered the prophet’s word,
The empire would shake,
As the sky will break,
Gold would fly with blood red eyes,
Nothing to escape from the pure mother’s cries,
She who gave the birth to the one,
Would finally change the fate of the sun,
That rises in the sky of south,
For no more turmoil and the peace would be out,
The chosen one got the throne,with the King’s doom,
As he reached the age and the land then bloom.


Random beginnings


Sleepless nights with dangling thoughts…is there someone else too who can connect.

Curious and unawakened, wild but limited,sharp still ignored.

Feeling to let it out!! But what exactly you want to break…the silence or the windowpane…to reach out..!

Bruised by some wrong choices in past, ready to ruin your future too..!? Easy to say to let go… difficult to pursue it.

But then comes a sudden adrenaline rush…when you see that thriller movie alone in your couch gulping down the coke, or when you get a glimpse of the one person you want to get loved from, or when you take a sudden jump to grab your earphone addicted friend from crossing the road who still will shout over you for ruining his favorite shirt. And you think life is not so bad maybe .

Lot you can do, lot is left to be done. Thinking a lot makes your brain go haywire.

Need a moment to chill out. Preserve it. Preserve the memories. Preserve the shabby clothes after splashing in the puddle created by the rain. Preserve the moments of love and affection. Preserve the appreciation.Preserve the lessons learned. Preserve your integrity.

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